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This is the pack of contents access you will have.

  1. Forums access, you will have access to forums and topics that are not visible as a Visitor.
  2. Forums support, you can ask for help when have some fault and we will reply as fast as we can.
  3. Solutions access, you will have access to view step by step solutions in photos.
  4. Solutions request, you can request a standard solution that is not yet available in our Solutions collection.
  5. Understanding Schematics Videos access, you can view this videos that are unlisted on youtube, do not share direct links!
  6. Connectors readings, for most iPhone models of each pad to GND with net name.
  7. iMaster PADS Layouts, with net names, pin numbers, components etc.
  8. New* > Schematics In Photos, this mean you can access the Images Gallery of a specific iPhone, iPod, iPad or Samsung Diagram, because it is new content we will upload slowly cause it takes time.

Not included in this package!

  1. PDF schematics are not included, they are only for expiring iExpert members!

Note: before upgrading visit Solutions page to see what we have at the moment.

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