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  • Our step by step Solutions work most of the times of course if you follow them proper.
  • I’m the original developer of Solutions not Markus aka (cyberdocllc) he only sell parts.
  • Thanks to our community allot of repair shops have opened around the world.
  • There is no other such community out there, even if there is it appeared after they learned here.
  • If you see less black resin in new devices then know it was my suggestion to apple company some years ago.
  • If there is some missing Solution you can request it and i will do my best to make it.
  • All content from old site is changed and improved for better result.
  • I can help solve unknown faults without having a board or schematic only is enough to give me proper info i request.
  • We have a collection of around 1800 solutions for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Samsung I9100, I9300, I9505, G900F, G920F and G930F.
  • Some have become teachers after joining our community this kind of people are not welcome here until they give full credits!
  • Our Forums contain allot of topics and some marked as Solved which make problem solving even faster.
  • New and old solutions that are updated are made using high quality photos of logic board.
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You can register for free and use our forums, to repay us back please buy something from our Aliexpress Tools And Parts page it will help us allot, we even removed ads and donate button, we better advertise tools we use than those random ads or ask for donations like some beggars.

This 2 paid packages are available to buy using Western Union payment method, for more details use Contact Us page.

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