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  1. Hello all and hello my friend itesla 🙂
    i will make it short i was beginner with apple products when i met Philip few years ago and because of his help before and because of his solutions in here i can say I’m pro now to the degree that i can nearly repair the most damaged pcb :), i learned from Philip every thing i know about iPhone which is hell lots, thank you my friend and i would love to help out if there is something i can help out with , have a good one all of you

  2. Hello every body this is uns….
    Im a beginer… i have been waited for a year to join this website…

    Iam really very happy for what i have paid and this website gives u confidence for new people like me…
    The good thing about this website… i have been training from last 2 months..when i train to rip ic eaither i give high temp or low temp and damaging the ic … our brother WHITES give some good info on his youtube video tht was in this website …on what temp we have to rip the ic….last night i have been watching allvideo the next day morning i got confidence and i can remove any ic now……. thanks a lot WHITES for giving us such confidence …this website is worth to pay 400$…. long message ……Special thanks to “WHITES”

  3. Best board level repair site there is. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, having a membership here will save you hours each day. I highly recommend this website to anyone interested in board level repair. Nothing comes close to iTesla

  4. Saved my life many many times this site 🙂 very helpful and informative site… I have learnt so much from this site from basics to expert level.

    I’m a premium member and the schematics are very very useful for finding parts etc 🙂

  5. Filip is doing great work. The Application Voltage Diagrams save me a lot of time when diagnosing power issues. I’d recommend this site to anyone doing board repair on phones and tablets whether beginner or expert. There is something here to help everyone regardless of experience level.

  6. This is a crazy good site……………. will be a member for as long as I can.. will upgrade to the premium site in the new year………
    awesome work fillip….please keep it going
    and if your ever in nova scotia hit me up..

  7. Our members got scared after this page got exposed to public none would say something 🙁
    But by mail they tell me good things i hope they have courage to write here not by mail.

  8. Hello people! Joined today!
    Looked around and I must say WHAT A GREAT PLACE AND COMMUNITY!
    Will call in sick to lay low for few days from my full carpenters’ job, just to read, see what you guys up for and learn/contribute as much as possible.
    Screen replacement for friends and family got bored, very happy to dig deeper – THANKS I found this. Thanks to Admins

  9. Filip,

    I hope you do not ban all members of previous site. I am no longer a member of the old Marcus affiliated site, never cared for him in the first place, but indeed your relationship with him placed your talents at a disadvantage. I am contemplating renewing my membership with you, certainly not Marcus, but would appreciate your keeping my credentials active on your site until I renew. Again I salute you for your dedication to this world and the professionalism you have demonstrated.

  10. Sorry bro, but has nothing to do with wites/filip/itesla anymore. Cyberdoc/Marcus controlls it all. If you want to use THIS website, you should subscribe to it. I wouldnt recommend being a member of both sites at all. All new solutions by filip will be on this site only. This site is also much faster. Please dont pay marcus money and then expect support or membership here 🙂 cheers

  11. Wites i had 4 years ago 4 mobile shops on my country that i close after european crisis. I still fighting with my ghosts of past but your knowledge and your site giving me power and life for this that i love like anything else to Repair . I am very happy that i will follow you again here as before and friend never give up . You deserve everything , i wish be again here the best teacher for your hungry students. Good luck .

  12. Congratulations on the new site it’s a ready faster and with a lot less spam! We noticed different thanks a bunch!
    Please help me I cannot open any solutions and it always sends me to the sign-up page which is not available…

  13. To echo another member, if you’re reading this…join up. This is a great place for knowledge of all things repairing apple and samsung. I just renewed my membership and wish I’d found it years ago

  14. Greetings,I’m new here yet as aoon as I joined, I already solved an Iphone 4s with wifi problems.

    It’s indeed a very good forum with a great wealtn of information.

    Hope to learn more from you and best regards.

  15. Hi ! i’m David, from Switzerland.

    I like to repair everything that is electronic, from the toys that my son’s destroy, to laptops, mobiles, tablets, and so on…

  16. Im a expert user and support apple, iphone, ipod ipad in brazil, i need

    would like to exchange experience in the maintenance of logic boards and identify the main problems and their solutions

  17. Great website. Lots of helpful information here. I am sending it to some friends and also sharing on forum. And obviously, thank you in your effort!

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