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I proudly present to you iTelsa.Solutions made by descendants of Dacian civilization which is older than Sumerian. iTesla.Solutions is an ongoing mobile phone hardware repair based site, like some kind of online school. This is ideal for people that work at home on their own, have a repair shop or big service center, it is meant for people who want to learn more than just basic phone Touch Screen,LCD,battery replacement etc. We specialize in step by step solutions in photos, videos, pro schematics for iPod,iPhone,iPad and (no other brands) logic board repair,soldering,reballing,rework on surface mount components SMD,BGA,SOC etc broken connectors,cables,removed pads, BGA prints, broken lines in layers, phone dropped faults and liquid damaged phones. iTesla.Solutions is a great learning resource for people who love this great technology, join today and be better tomorrow with allot of useful knowledge. If you are customer that want just to fix his own device i recommend to skip this site and find some professional technician, also do not ask me about repairs i don't do that abroad.iTesla


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  • 1.Never share your log in details or you will get a error related to limited number of IP address allowed per month which will prevent you from viewing the site, make sure your internet provider give in use an static IP address not dynamic for more info ask google. Also now we have Simultaneous Login Restrictions set to 2 devices so if you login from 2 devices then login to 3rd device then you could not login using it,to use 2 new devices log out of 2 previous then it will work.
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  • 6.Do not try to change any content then releasing it as yours,better begin to make something of yours ya have a brain put it at work.
  • 7.Do not contact me in private to talk about faults for example on facebook,skype,mail for this purpose are made Forums,if you become a member it does not give you right to contact me in private for solving problems.
  • 8.Make sure you have the most important Tools which i use #1,#2,#3 and #4 other tools #5 and #6 are (optional).
  • 9.From now on any current and future members will have to identify by passport/driver license or some other ID card by sending a photo or scan of the document in question,but before that one must make sure to cover/erase any serial numbers.
  • 10.Additional to #9 in this iRules to become trusted member and receive the passwords for iSign Up one must take a photo or selfie of repair bench he have to prove he is technician with iRecommended tools.

iRecommended Tools

1st.Multimeter for testing purposes this is first important tool to purchase.
2nd.Soldering + Heating Gun 2 in 1 Station this is the second important tool to purchase.
3rd.Direct Current Power Supply (DCPS) this is third important tool to purchase.
4th.Amscope Simul Focal Stereomicroscope this is the forth important tool to purchase.
5th. Preheater for preheating of logic board when rework on big chip like CPU this is the fifth optional tool to purchase.
6th. LC Meter for testing coils/inductors this is the sixth optional tool to purchase.
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