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HTC One M7 won't turn on  


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15/02/2017 21:04  

I have a HTC M7 for reparing. The phone won't turn on.
If the charger is pluged in the battery symbol and a steady
red LED appears. Means "Low Battery".

I found a short at the Battery connector. There I measure a power
consumption form 1,08A.

I am not familar with this phone.

Any Ideas?


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15/02/2017 22:14  

I'm also not familiar but no mater it is the same procedure to find short i think it have some IC like Samsung and iPhone that is burned and need replaced, try sense the warming component maybe it is the cause of this fault.

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17/02/2017 12:02  


I solved long ago a similar problem replacing upper pcb ..

anyway still ceck caps around battery connector if short and still ceck dock flex 




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