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820-00164 charging  


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iExpert Lithuania
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30/01/2018 00:55  

Hello everybody, I have slightly water damaged MacBook Air 820-00164, all pub is cleaned and all works, despite charging.

I have changed: ISL6259HRTZ and also same resistors near it.

it works from battery, for example 77%, but when charger attached, it immediately shows 100% and charging symbol, really isn't charging. Also there is no light on charger. also Mac works only from charger.

charging/audio board is good, flex between audio board and main board is also good.

I need advice, how to find the cause? what signal is responsible fo battery % control?

iOracle Moldova
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30/01/2018 18:47  


Not know much but based on schematic this 2 lines communicate with battery.


You can check the available schematics 820-00163 and 820-00165 files.
There is a 2 in 1 diode connected to this lines i would test him but problem is schematic in one is No Stuff in other is available look if yours have it but also 2 pull up resistors are available to this 2 lines test them.

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