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nand replacement question  


El Capitan
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27/07/2016 04:19  

Hello wites, when doing jumpers from a nand to the logic board is it necessary to connect all ground points?also are all the jumpers necessary. I have a ipad air that keeps throwing error 4005 after restore. I have connected the nand to the board/test points via jumpers since some pads were torn. Is there a certain voltage I should check for.

iOracle Moldova
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27/07/2016 13:28  

I recommend that you solder each wire as it needs because that is how from factory each pad is reballed not by accident but by purpose.

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emre zanbak
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14/01/2018 15:50  

No removed link Nand is very removed link it needs to be much shorter removed link itunes error 9 .personally tried



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